Happy World Laughter Day- Fun activities to bring smile and giggles on your child’s face

More than a year now, the world has seen itself in its most challenging phase. People are confined to their homes, if they step out they are in their masks and have to constantly sanitize their hands to keep them safe. Not even in the dreams had people ever thought that they will face such situation one day. People have actually lost their interest, feel depressed, clueless and demotivated. Smile and laughs have taken a back seat! Children feel helpless and are hoping to get back to their earlier days soon.

Today is ‘World Laughter Day’ (the first Sunday of May). So do you think we should celebrate it with our open hearts? See our children smile, giggle, laugh out loudly for their lifetime.

Laughter is the best medicine and it’s said that a person who is jovial has a healthy, happy and long life. Given the pandemic situation that the world is facing due to COVID-19, International Laughing Day has become necessary to bring together health, happiness, peace and keep up our immunity level high during these times.

Why this day stands important?

World Laughter Day was incepted in 1998 (on May 10th ) when Dr. Madan Kataria (the founding member of the novel worldwide laughter yoga movement) celebrated the first ever World Laughter Day in Mumbai, India.

This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the healing benefits of laughter and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. It is a reminder to keep ourselves laughing and see the brighter side of life ahead! Laughter is associated with beautiful terms such as positivity, humor, life, happiness and emotional well-being.

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour. –Charles Dickens

A few laughs in a day has good benefits on adults as well as children be it physically, mentally or socially. It helps your mind to be at ease and happily engage in learning new. Likewise it Boosts Immunity, Relaxes Muscles, Eases Anxiety and Stress, Improves moods, Changes perspective, Strengthens Relationships, Promotes Bonding, Improves Cooperation, Enhances Teamwork and so on.

Here are some ways and fun activities you could do to bring happiness on your child’s face-

i) Freeze- Up:

Ask the kids to freeze and now make silly faces, noises to make them laugh or giggle. The fun part here is that they are not supposed to move or laugh.

ii) Act Silly:

Here you both have to take turns, make some silly act viz. trying to balance books without dropping them, jump like a kangaroo to pick things from each room instead of walking.

iii) Read funny books: Children’s book are a good source to keep them entertained, get kids giggle as well as encourage the habit of reading. Here are some of the books for reference –

a) Grumpy Monkey

This book is about a chimpanzee who is in a very bad mood–perfect for young children to learn how to deal with confusing feelings.

Book is available here: https://amzn.to/32O3OeB

b) The day the crayons quit

This book creates a playful, imaginative story that will have children laughing and playing with their crayons in a whole new way.

Book is available here- https://amzn.to/3vi5jhk

c) The Pigeon needs a bath

In this hilarious, interactive read in Mo Willems’ award-winning Pigeon series, the Pigeon needs a bath! It looks like it’s going to take some serious convincing to get the Pigeon to take the plunge!

Book is available here- https://amzn.to/2Qo2GM

d) Lions and liars

This hilarious book covers whip-smart tale of brotherhood, survival, and what it really means to be a friend.

Book is available here- https://amzn.to/2S09bVP

e) Grandpa’s great escape 

This book is packed with excitement, adventure and hilarity.

Book is available here- https://amzn.to/3aF7tj3

iv) Tickle Game:

Sit on the floor or couch with your little one on your lap or seated facing you. Wiggle his/her big toe while you say the first line. Move to second toe for the second line, third toe for the third line, and so on. When you say the very last line, give your lo a little tickle or cute hugs. Now do the same for the other foot. Here are the lines-

This little piggy ate blueberries
This little piggy ate cheese
This little piggy ate watermelon
This little piggy ate peas
And this little piggy went
Yum, yum, yum, all the way home!

v) Talk in a musical tone:

You must have seen this movie- Sound of Music. In similar way you can sing the sentences instead of speaking:)

vi) Spooky Game:

Take turns. Put a sheet or blanket over self and try to catch the other person.

vii) Pretend Game:

Act as if you are sleeping and start snoring. When your child comes close to you, grab them.

 vii) Talk in a funny voice / animal noises:

Make animal sounds and ask kids to guess the animals.

viii) Do tongue twisters:

Try these out.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?

Fresh fried fish, fish fresh fried, fried fish fresh, fish fried fresh.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

ix) Make funny faces / moves in front of the mirror:

I love doing this along with my kiddo. It’s really fun making funny faces in front of the mirror and doing some funny dance moves.

x) Silly Photographs:

Take pictures of kids acting super silly.Then look at the pictures together.

xi) Stare Game:

See who can stare the longest without smiling. The person who laughs first is out of the game.

xii) Childhood funny memories:

Tell your kids something really funny from your childhood days.

xiii) Humming Game:

Play name that song. Take turns humming a song and the others have to guess which song your humming.


  1. Balloon Blow Up Experiment

This Science Activity is a great experiment to watch the effects of hot air and cold air on a balloon. Kids will get an opportunity here to express on what they see and why it is happening.

When the air inside the plastic bottle gets warmed, it expands and needs more space…hence it stretches out the balloon while when the bottle is transferred to the icy cold water, the air is cooled; it contracts and needs less space….so the balloon deflates. 

2. Popsicle Pattern Play

This is a fun activity where kids have to match the patterns as shown on the cards with popsicles. Creating our own paper spinner is really pleasing. This stress- relieving toy is just fun to spin. Make the spinner giving it your personal touch. We gave it a face and named it as our lil monster. So, whenever it spun, my daughter was amazed to see it. We also played a game…. spot the eyes when it’s spinning! This activity is bound to be liked by kids, it was satisfying to see smiles, laugh and joy on my kiddo’s face.

3. Funny Monster Spinner

Creating our own paper spinner is really pleasing. This stress- relieving toy is just fun to spin. Make the spinner giving it your personal touch. We gave it a face and named it as our lil monster. So, whenever it spun, my daughter was amazed to see it. We also played a game…. spot the eyes when it’s spinning! This activity is bound to be liked by kids, it was satisfying to see smiles, laugh and joy on my kiddo’s face.


4. Bubble Play

Isn’t this looking fun?

How to make- https://kiddiekonnections.com/2020/05/31/bubble-double-fun/

5. Balloon Ice Experiment

This Ice Balloon Melting Beads Experiment is a very good sensory play activity for kids. We just took a few balloons, added some beads in them (you can add any small objects of your kids liking), filled water and tied a knot. Check the video on the procedure-

6. Fun Hair Styling

This is a good color blending activity. Blow the straw and give your own color and styling to the hair.

7. Color Smudging Art

This cool form of art will be loved by kids. The technique is really fun and 🧒 will love🤩 to experiment with different color combinations… creating their beautiful art frames!

How to do-https://kiddiekonnections.com/2020/08/05/colored-smudge-art/

8. DIY Fidget Spinner

These are an amazing ‘DIY Fidget Spinner’ to make @home and are quite addictive! Want to make these?…check out the process in the link-


9. Racing Car Game

Kids will love playing this game, do try it:)


This is a fun activity to explore color mixing.

“Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain” and “A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin (the famous comic artist)

Be Safe. Be Strong. Stay Fit.

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