Healthy Mix: Oats – Nuts and Banana Smoothie

As moms, we mostly worry about kids👱‍♀️👱‍♂️🧒👧 nutrition & their healthy eating habits….isn’t it? Recently, I prepared Oats & Nuts Smoothie using our👉Homemade Healthy Mix; for my daughter so as to keep her active & mentally healthy especially when confined at 🏠. It is easy to prepare & quite beneficial for a child’s growth.

This mix has-
✅No Preservative
✅No Salt
✅No Sugar
✅Can be consumed by 12m- Adult

I prepared the smoothie using this mixture (one can also prepare porridge). I feel it’s a total winner👍 with kids as it acts as a best option for their healthy breakfast/ snack meal. Also, it’s wholesome, filling and loaded with nutrients❣

We both had a good time sitting in balcony and sipping our healthy drink together🤩!

Cooking Time: 10 mins 


🔶️Oats & Nuts Mix ( shown in the picture) : 2 tsp
🔶️1 Banana
🔶️100 ml Milk
🔶️Honey- 2tsp

🔹️Take milk in a pan, add the oats nuts mixt & let it boil for 5-7 mins till the mixture becomes smooth & thick (if required you can add more amount of mix)

🔹️Switch off the mixture once done & let it cool completely.

🔹️Peel & slice the banana. Put it in a blender. Add the milk & oat nuts mixture, then add in honey.

🔹️Blend everything until smooth, pour it in a glass ….serve/ drink.

The following variants of ‘Healthy mix’ variants (50gms/250gms/500gms) are available :

  1. Sathu Maavu Mix
  2. Ragi Mix
  3. Quinoa Instant Mix
  4. Ragi Choco Pancake Mix
  5. Oats Nuts Mix
  6. Trial Pack of 5

🌟You can order the Mix pack by sending a WhatsApp message/ Call -9167460889 (delivered across India)


Healthy Eating!

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