Natural and Superfood Homemade Products by Nzuri Organic, an Indie brand- Skin and Hair Company  

ORGANIC PRODUCTS WORK! I came across Nzuri Organic (Health/Beauty Category) while searching online for a good organic product for skin. Their page looked impressive with different skin & haircare products which compelled me to call for it! The products reached me on time and the packaging was also good. I was really excited to use them.

I ordered 2 products viz. Lavender Soap & Blue Spirulina Mask. The soap had a lovely flower texture with a soothing smell while the anti- oxidant clay mask comprised of ingredients like- Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Blue Spirulina Powder, Glycerine and Distilled water. Both the products were found to be useful. Their products made me look fresh and bright. If someone loves relaxing and pampering themselves, will definitely like their natural & superfood products.

Before purchasing the products, I was keen to know more about their brand and how did they start their journey! Taking this forward, we interacted with ‘Nzuri Organic’ and here’s their Brand Narrative – The story behind the brand.

Who are they? Nzuri Organic is an Indie brand- Skin & Hair Company that specializes in Ayurveda preparations for its products. The company was founded in 2019 by Pooja and Neelam with a vision – ‘To create more awareness about organic products at an affordable rate’.

How did they come up with the idea? It all started when an international lip scrub brand wasn’t seen available in India for a long time inspite of a huge demand, this made the founders think why not the Indie brands make such adorable & fun luxury products for our Indian consumers? 

The Idea behind launching the brand- The aim was to motivate more & more people to use organic products, thus creating awareness about it. With that thought ‘Lo & behold Nzuri Organic’ was born! The business aimed at selling the products with ethically-sourced, cruelty-free and natural ingredients. Hence, their brand comprises of lovely handmade products made from organic oils, butters, clays and fruits that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. All their products are purely organic by nature that are essential for a healthy & radiant skin.

Their USP- Nzuri Skincare is a luxurious brand created in small batches, using the finest natural ingredients and fresh plant oils from ethical and sustainable sources. The brand is made without mineral oils, petrochemicals and unnecessary preservatives, with no fillers or bulking ingredients. With their high nutritional content, Nzuri Organic Skincare products are the very definition of “super food” for the skin and will leave it feeling softer, replenished, brighter and more hydrated.  The best part is that the product is counted as Vegan and is free from any animal derived ingredients and contains no synthetic substances or mineral oils. 

Though due to the COVID’19 situation their business got a bit affected similar to other companies in the country, but they have never lost hope and have been facing the situation well in this tough time and looking forward to grow more!

If you plan to try out their organic skin care & hair products,

You can log on to the site, they ship pan India- 

Or For inquiries of any products, you can go to their Instagram page- 

Or connect @ 9967017879 for further details.

They are also available on Amazon for direct orders!


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