Colored Smudge Art

This is such a cool form of art. The technique is really fun and 🧒👧🙋‍♀️💁‍♂️ will love🤩 to experiment with different color combinations… creating their beautiful #art frames.


  1. A plain white sheet of paper
  2. Colored pens ( we used sketch pens)
  3. A spray bottle
  4. Tissue paper
  5. Transparent Plastic sheet ( basically used in spiral binding)


  • Firstly, take the transparent sheet and let kids color it either vertically or horizontally making small boxes
  • Once, the sheet is filled with the colors of your choice, it’s time to take the white sheet
  • Spray little water over the white paper and now slowly keep the transparent plastic sheet over it
  • Kids will love this part….spreading/ smudging the colors
  • Once done, slowly remove the plastic sheet and dab the extra colors with a tissue paper.
  • Let the colors dry completely
  • Kids are then free to draw their imaginations thus creating a beautiful art work
Watch the process

Happy Color Art!


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