What do you miss the most from your Kids’ baby days? A few parents share their funny, crazy and memorable baby diaper story with us!

The word ‘Diaper’ before I conceived, made me think that, “How sad, that lil one is made to wear a diaper…. the baby must be feeling so uncomfortable!” So, the day we had our first baby, my partner & I decided to keep our baby free from diaper due to two reasons -rashes & discomfort. And instead used cloth nappies. But, this created a nightmare for us😟 with frequent baby peeing …. our sleep💤 had gone for a toss and we were tired taking turns to make our 👶 wear a new one. Many a times, it did happen that we tied the cloth nappy and very next second it got wet 🤩.

After a month, we arranged our baby’s naming ceremony inviting our friends & relatives. Our baby wore a beautiful red frock and a normal nappy as usual. But there it went wrong- just when the name was about to reveal…there was a loud cry & a disgusting look on her face as she had pooped. My sister quickly rushed and purchased a set of diapers…we changed, dressed her back and our baby looked happy. That day, we realized that using a diaper (atleast during important occasions) can just prove useful to avoid initial unwanted stress. Diapers are also the most significant companions of every parent during the growing years of their babies.

Next day, I started taking opinion from my friends on best diaper brand for babies. I received mixed reviews for Huggies, Pampers and MamyPoko Pants. I then came across an article that highlighted that the use of diaper differs from baby to baby (depending upon which brand suits their skin the best). Initially, it was more of a trial & error… we first tried with Huggies, but as it failed, we moved on to Pampers. It suited our baby so well and we didn’t look back till she was 3. Then, we moved to MamyPoko Pants.

My daughter is 4.5 years now, and i didn’t see any disadvantage of using baby diapers. Just that cleaning baby’s body properly with a baby soap and washing with mild warm water was important. Leave them in the diapers for 2-3 hours, make sure you apply powder and then change. Give baby’s few hours free time from diapers.

There are both pros and cons using a diaper. It completely depends on parents choice & baby’s need. When selecting the best quality diaper which allows baby to stay dry… parents can keep certain factors in mind while purchasing it from shop / ordering it online. The old school diaper that leaked everywhere and needed washing by hand is gone. In fact, there are tons of options in modern cloth diapers, and many of them are very different from those in the past.

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Types of Diapers-
Disposable Diapers or Cloth baby Diapers?

The difference between them is that disposable diapers are more convenient, but can be utilized only once. They are expensive! It’s also said that Disposable diapers might contain nasty chemicals that could cause irritation to baby’s skin thus causing diaper rashes.

Whereas, Cloth diapers are cheap and you can wash them yourself. Cloth diapers are reusable therefore can be used several times. They are even better for the environment and are more absorbent. It’s chemical free as well as waterproof & leak free. Being one size cloth diapers, this helps one, to use the same cloth diaper from birth of your baby until the baby is potty trained.

One can also prefer Superbottoms diapers, in case looking out to try diapers made from natural organic cotton!

Absorbency- Do check for ‘Wetness Indicator Lines’. The skin around a baby’s diaper area is regularly exposed to wetness, urine and poop. As the skin in this area has more folds and creases than other areas, which can make it difficult to clean thoroughly. That is why most babies experience at least one case of diaper rash. So, utilizing a waterproof bed protector when home can prove fruitful. Bey Bee Waterproof bed protector sheet is a good one to try.

Baby’s comfort- As babies have extremely sensitive skin and utilization of any sort of diaper can influence their skin to cause allergies. Keep an eye on how the baby responses towards diaper.

Baby size Baby weight is important. This will help you to buy the right type and size of diaper for your baby. Selecting the right one is very crucial, thus choose diaper that provides a complete care system for your baby, giving them the freedom to move freely😊

Knowing your baby’s pooping habits will help you estimate how many diapers you will need in a month and the amount you would likely spend on purchasing the right diapers.

I am sure everyone has their own kid’s Diaper Story to share. I still cannot forget that day, when we three when to a resort for vacation and we happened to take our 6 months old baby in the pool. Later, when we came out … were surprised to see some gooey gel falling off from the regular diaper creating the entire place messy. It looked so awkward then! 🙂

Here are a few parents who have shared their baby’s funny /crazy/ memorable diaper stories-

What’s your story like? Do share your memory in the comment 😊

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