Happy Father’s Day- wishes from kiddos to their Superhero’s!

A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way!

For kids, their Father is a coolest guy; real hero and a role model….isn’t it? Yes, they are the one’s who let their children experiment in life, give them courage to stay strong and motivate to rise high.

But often, the sacrifices that a father makes go unnoticed and more often his love and care for his child is ignored. However, the reality is that along with mothers…fathers too play an equal and significant role in upbringing their children.

Right from helping babies feed; changing their nappies; rocking the baby to sleep; a helping hand in kitchen; purchasing grocery etc…. thus standing like a solid rock at the background protecting their family. They stand by kids during the times of anxiety, help them calm and stay positive..They are also good teachers…apart from teaching us to ride bicycle; learn driving; fly a kite they also help us take up challenges in life fearlessly.

It’s a day to encourage kids to be thankful to their fathers; appreciate their contributions; share emotions and gratitude towards them…

We received some amazing pictures of father & kids having a great time together…These kids wished to express their love and affection towards their loving dad on this special day!

Father’s Name: Mr. Satish Kumar
His 4.5 yr old daughter Tiana and 4 months old son Kiyaan say, “We love you Papa”

Father’s Name: Mr. Kedar B Karnik
His daughter Mishka says, “I love you Baba❤️”

Father’s Name: Mr. Aniruddha Mahajan
His 4 yrs old daughter Anvi says, “My dad my super hero”

Father’s Name: Mr. Swapnil Somani
His 5 yr old son, Neev wishes his dad-‘ Happy Father’s Day’

Father’s Name: Mr. Manish Vishwakarma
His 3.5 yr old son, Mihaan says, I love you daddy very much:)”

Father’s Name: Mr. Amit Salehithal
His 3.5 yr old son, Siddhant says, “I love you Papa😍….especially when you be my Horsee😂”

Father’s Name: Mr. Pinank Kadam
His 7 yr old son, Adhrit writes a sweet message for him..(below picture)

Father’s Name: Mr. Mitesh Lodha
His daughter’s Vedaa Lodha who is 7 yrs & Samvi Lodha 4 yrs old sent a super cute message for their dad, “Our papa , we call him our strength, Our papa ,we call him our role model, Our papa, we call him our support system , Our papa who makes us happy when we are sad ,
Our papa , who makes us always feel special & care for us,
We love you papa , our cute papa will always do❤️”

Father’s Name: Mr. Aditya Gandhekar
His 6 yrs old son Devansh wishes his dad, ‘Happy Father’s Day’

Father’s Name: Mr. Mangesh Shinde
His daughter 12 year old Reva and 2 year old son Samarth send him lots of hug and kisses…

Father’s Name: Mr. Sandeep Patni
His 4 year old son Saharsh says, ” You are the World’s Best Papa.”

Father’s Name: Mr. Hiiren Karaniya
His 7 yrs old daughter Viha, says, “Daddy, I love you more than the stars in the sky; more than the fish in the sea; more than the trees in the forest …Daddy you mean the world to me!”

Father’s Name: Mr. Sandeep Singh
His 4.5 yrs old son, Praganya says, ” Papa, you know that I like Spiderman, and Superman’s cool too, but I don’t really need them as long as I have you! Happy Father’s day to my super Dad!

Father’s Name: Mr. Ravi Saraf
His 12 year old daughter Mehek says, ‘Love you Papa’

Father’s Name: Mr. Ravi Khanna
His 2 year old daughter Samrudhi says, “You are the best …lots of hugs to you:)”

Name: Mr. Purnank Desai
His 4.5 year old daughter Siya says, “Baba, I like playing with you, going out…. sometimes you shout at me but i don’t mind because I love you loads!”

Father’s Name: Mr.Vikas Shah
His 7 yrs old son Jash says ” You are the best…I love you”

Father’s Name: Mr. Debashis Mazumdar
His 6 yrs old daughter Devina says, “I love you love you love 500,000 times. You are the best papa in the world!”

Father’s Name: Mr.Krishan Gopal Sharma
His 2.5 yr old son Ekklavya says, “Dear Papu, I have no words to thank you for being the most loving and most affectionate Father…Happy Father’s Day”

Father’s Name: Mr. Smeet Kumar
His 4 year old daughter Ira says,” You get me a surprise everyday, i love you very much:)”


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