DIY Sticky Spider Web Play- ‘6’ interesting ways to boost kids’ developmental milestones!

The other day, my daughter noticed a spider crawling on the wall and asked, “Mumma, where is this spidy going? So, I explained and she showed keen interest in knowing more about it. So, to make our learning more engaging …I came up with few ideas that covered areas of developmental milestones that are beneficial for kid’s healthy growth. It was a good learning exercise and we had a lot of fun performing these activities.


  • Hula Hoop
  • Masking Tape / Duct Tape
  • Toy spider (if available at home)
  • Black paper /White paper, Black Paint, Brush & Water
  • Scissors


Step 1- Firstly, let kids take the masking tape and stick it around the hula hoop to form a web …likewise shown in the picture

Step 2- To make small spiders, kids can take a black paper or can paint a white paper into black. Let them cut into small pieces and form a ball or if they are creative they can first draw and cut them in the shape of a spider:)

Step 3- Now, it’s time to play! 

Here are 6 interesting ways to play this game :

:- Gross Motor Activity – The spider web can be hung on to a wall and kids can throw those balls/ spiders aiming the sticky side of the web.

:– Fine Motor Skills (Sticking Activity)- Here, what we did is we set-up a pretend play/ dramatic situation wherein I told my kiddo that the tiny spiders have fallen off the web and you need to perform a rescue operation and help them get back to their mumma spider who is looking for them. Siya, then stuck those spiders on the web and helped the rescue- operation to be successful!

:- Language Development – Kids can sing the poetry ‘ Incy Wincy Spider’ and enact it.

:- Number Skills – Specific numbers can be called out or kids can be shown flashcards. They can then count those many and stick on the web.

:- Cognitive Skills – Kids can use cotton balls or a ping-pong ball to play the ‘Target Shoot Game’. Each layer of web can be designated with some points, viz- 1 layer from bottom : 15 points, 2nd layer: 25 points and center (bingo) as 50 points. Kids will learn to focus and concentrate better while carrying out this activity.

:- General Knowledge- Kids can read informative books on this topic or parents can read out to their kids to boost their knowledge.


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