Environment Day – Wanna make a fairy mini-garden at home?

It’s time to wake up. To take notice. To raise our voices.
It’s time to build back better for People and Planet.

This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature.

Let’s teach our 👩👧🧑🧒 the importance of environment preservation that will help them to learn about real-world issues, to appreciate nature and to use natural resources carefully. Today, on the occasion of ‘Environment Day’; come and participate in the “Clean Air” program by planting a sapling at home. 

Children can participate in this iniative by planting a small sapling 🌱 or just creating their own special mini garden.

We interviewed, Ms. Aloka Nanda who is an expert in organic urban farming. She runs ‘Dream Doodlers’ (a group of nature enthusiasts who have dreamt to paint the world green). Their venture deals in telling stories through ikebana inspired mini gardens that can be kept at any part of your house or office as a beautiful piece of art. They create small green heavens inside homes and offices. They also teach / conduct workshop for kids helping them create their own mini fairy garden or Terrariums.

A Few questions that were asked includes-

1. What materials do you suggest for the kids to start their gardening activity?

One can use old tiffin boxes or any bowl they like…. an old cake tin also works well:). A wide one for sure, as that helps in creating a layout and a scene. Apart from this, we need some toys (we used Lego set from Miniso). Plants and some other elements like rocks, pebbles to add landscape elements. Toothpicks to create a fence. Clothes line too can be made for a fairy garden. You can cut out some clothes and just hang them to dry!!! Super cute!

2. What are the ways to keep kids engaged in this activity?

One can engage kids and bring enthusiasm by telling them to create a story garden, which will enhance their creativity. The best way to teach gardening is to tell them a story and then lead them on. Our story had Marie and Andrew, effectively using social distancing and Marie lived happily with her lamb ever after. Be creative. Draw a layout for the garden, plan where you want your trees and shrubs. We had a left over piece of artificial grass that we used as a cow grazing land.

3. What kinds of plant needs to be selected for this activity?

For plant varieties, best is a Jade which has a shape of a tree and can be pruned and cut to retain height. Other plants can be Haworthia, Succulents etc. that create a good feature. Smaller leaves are the best to stick .

4. Ways to make it look attractive?

Decorate them creatively. Use your old toys and create a feature that would allow colors. We did mix in some cement to create a road. And then painted it black!!!

5. Can you tell us how kids will benefit from this activity?

This activity helps in –

Engaging All their Senses

Enhances Fine Motor Development

Boosts their Concepts of science- germination etc.

Fosters Family Bonding

Teaches Responsibility

Helps in Building Patience

Highlights the Importance of Taking Care of the Environment

Promotes the Ability to Plan and Organize

Enhances Mathematical Skills- counting seeds, measuring soils, etc.

Encourages Healthy Eating

Teaches to be Creative & Independent

Here are the STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS to follow:

1) Prepare the soil 1:1:1 with garden soil, vermi compost and cocopeat 

2) Decide on the container and a basic layout, even if it changes 

3. Choose your plants, dig in a hole and plant them

4. Add decorations

5. Create a story

6. Encourage the little ones to tell you a story!
(Ps. We have added a cement road just for fun, you can totally skip it )

For more ideas to you check out this link-https://www.facebook.com/dreamdoodlers/

Do plant & take a selfie📱with that plant 🌱and upload it on this post with #selfiewithsapling

Happy Planting!

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