Cardboard Tube Car for Kids- ‘Best out of waste’!

Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded!

How about a homemade car for kids?

Recycle your cardboard tube into this cute racing car. This is an amazing craft activity to create it yourself or along with kids as it’s fun and brings a smile on their face. Kids can make a whole fleet of car choosing their favorite colors and designs. This project is a good hand-on learning activity and they will no doubt enjoy playing with it!


📍Cardboard tube /Toilet Paper Roll



📍4 Bottle lids

📍2 Sticks /Toothpick

📍Duplo Figure/ any toy character that fits in




📍Cardboard sheet / Lids that fit both end of the tube

📍Beads, Toy plastic coins



📍Hot Glue Gun


  • Cut a hole at the center of the toilet roll using a blade. Cut it accordingly to make a seat to fit their friendly character inside.
  • Now, paint the tube as per the liking of your kid and let it dry completely.
  • Meanwhile, keep the wheels ready. For that, take the bottle caps and make a hole in the center of all four caps. I used a screw which easy inserted and made the desired whole for the sticks to pass in.
  • Apply glue at the bottom of the tube and attach the two sticks.
  • Then insert the bottle caps in those sticks (in a reverse way that makes the inner side of the cap face outside- check the final image)
  • Insert beads and fix it with the glue gun
  • For covering the front and back portion of the tube, you can either cut 2 paper sheets / cardboard sheets into round shape and stick them or can use any lid similar to the size of the tube ( I used a slime bottle lid, it fitted well). Apply glue and stick it.
  • You can decorate the car the way kids want….place a number sticker; eyes and mouth to give a character to the car.
  • So, your clutter & waste materials …..turns into a lovely Toy!

How do you best use your household waste materials? Have you made any creative things from waste materials at home?…Share your creativity (best out of waste craft) on this post (comment section).

Happy Parenting!

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