Bubble Double Fun!

Isn’t this looking fun & exciting…kids will get thrilled to watch the bubble grow!
I asked my kiddo, what does this look like…what caption would you want to give this activity and she said, “Anaconda Bubble” 🙂 

Do try it out and see what your lil one names it. Do share interesting ‘CAPTIONS’ here….


👉Old cleaned Socks

👉Liquid Dish solution

👉Plastic Bottle


👉Food Color

✳️Step 1-Take a plastic bottle, cut it’s bottom and slide the sock over the bottom of the bottle. Secure it with a rubber band.

✳️Step 2 -Pour the liquid solution in a small bowl & add some color in it.

✳️Step 3 -Dip the bottle having the socks end into the bowl of soap and coat the bottom.

✳️Step 4- Kids to place mouth around the bottle & blow!

✳️Step 5- Now keep blowing until the bubbles get longer…forming a structure like Snake.


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