Making Slime is so much fun, isn’t it?

Have you tried making slime at 🏠? It was a super duper experience making it together👩‍👧. My kiddo who is crazy about playing with slime.. couple of days back, happened to get up in the middle of the night saying I want slime:) So, today morning🌞 before she woke up, I kept things ready to prepare the slime and I got to see a broad smile😊!

It is actually fun to make (needs practice) and yeah more than that its messy😉, hence do be ready to clear the mess post all the slime fun. I tried playing with it too and found to be amazing👌…. it’s gooey, sticky, smooth jelly/ custard like texture ….made the activity all the more fun! The best part of it was the glowing slime….that credit goes to my hubby😁



👉School Glue (2/3rd cup)
👉Baking Soda (2 table spoon)
👉Food Color (any)
👉Contact Lens Solution (3 spoons)
👉Water (half cup)
👉Plastic Bowl
👉Spoon/ Spatula
👉Shaving Foam (2 cups)
👉Boric acid/ Facial Cleanser (2 spoon)


✡ Take a bowl, pour glue in it.

✡ Add baking soda and water …. mix well.

✡ To it then add foam, contact lens solution, your choice of food color.

✡ You can add glitter to get a shine to your slime.

✡ Mix it well to form a dough. 

✡ Incase it’s still sticky you can add 1 tsp boric acid powder or any facial cleanser (consisting boric acid as one of its ingredient).
✡ Knead it well and your slime is ready!



👉Bowl, Spoon, water

👉Glue (Half-cup)

👉Borax (5 table spoon) , 1-2 tsp Contact Solution

👉Glitter/Glow in the Dark powder

👉Food color/metallic color powder, Foam Balls


Mix all the ingredients and stir well.

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