Marbleized ‘Thank you cards’ for Covid19 helpers! Salute to all frontliners

The unsung heroes of the nation are being thanked in many ways. We too made our little contribution in thanking them by creating ‘ Thank you cards’ to appreciate their efforts & encourage them when most of us are confined to our homes. Right from doctors, nurses, delivery staff, farmers, teachers, researchers, sanitation workers, grocery workers and emergency services workers, among others who are tirelessly rendering their services & playing a crucial role during this critical situation.

Here is how we made them-


What you will need:

Shaving Foam

Color paints



Bowl/baking tray

Cardboard/ ruler, tooth-pick/ a small stick

  • To spray foam and fill the bowl/ baking tray with it.
  • Add drops of various colors (3 at a time to get a better result).
  • Kids to then take a tooth-pick/small stick and explore different patterns on it….
  • To keep a paper on to the foam and lightly press it.
  • Slowly remove the paper from the foam.
  • To use a cardboard/ ruler to remove the foam from the paper.
  • Kids will be amazed to see the marbled effect patterns. One can make it a greeting card or can cut it to give a desired shape and stick on a greeting card.

Let us be grateful to all the corona warriors worldwide who are at the forefront of this battle against the virus & doing their best to keep all of us safe…Also, appreciation goes to the people who are co-operating & following the norms… staying home & bravely fighting against covid19. 

What is your message to the warriors? Do mention in the comment section.


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