The Secret for family bonding, kids’ happiness and their creative learning skills

It’s said, ⏩”Smallest & Simplest things bring joy in our life❤”. In current situation, the term ‘#bored‘ has been the most commonly used word amongst kids, isn’t it?

No doubt, it’s a hard time for parents to keep them occupied the entire day, but engaging with them for a couple of hours daily shall not only bring happiness on their face but also positivity amongst kids especially during the locked down situation at home.

The only way to keep kids engaged & entertained, is by being innovative, creative and bringing newness each day in the activities they do. As for social & emotional well- being of a child, the key to accomplish these is through -⭐’Parent Involvement’.

The other day my kid wanted to do some art with her lego bricks. So, I gave her paints and she created nice lego brick impressions within few minutes.

“So, now what?” -was the question i asked myself. Hence, to keep her further busy i said, let us together make 🌼 flowers out of the impressions you have given on the sheet. And we started, an hour passed by and we were having a good time together, taking turns to draw 🌸flowers🏵 and decorating it.

#StaySafe #BeHome #SpendQualityTime #ThinkCreative #LegoArt #ParentChildBonding

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