Why Curiosity is an Important ingredient in kids learning process?

Curiosity is one of the most important trait/skills to be acquired by children at an early age. It enhances creativity; learning experience and keeps them away from boredom. Their curious mind will let them explore new activities, take risks and ultimately create their own success stories.  

One such activity to do along with kids is Tissue Color Art’. We had immense fun performing this activity…. we also tried this experiment multiple times where I enjoyed doing it too:)) The best part was to see the curious look on my kids face while doing this activity.

Do try this out!


Gather all the materials – Tissue paper; Sketch Pens; Bowl, Water

-Take tissue paper with a size that can fold into two

-Draw any design of your choice on the top side of the tissue with a sketch pen in order to get an impression on the 2nd layer as well

-Go to the 2nd layer and fill it with colors…be cautious while coloring, as the tissue paper is delicate -do color it softly

-And you are ready! Take a bowl and fill it with water

-Keep the tissue with the top side facing up (ensure that kids keep it slowly and both the layers fall over each other) and here you go….

#TissueArt #Colourful #AbsorptionExperiment #ColorMixing

Do try this out or if you have already experimented this with your kiddo, do share your video in the comment section.

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