Art Therapy – ‘Zentangle Craft’

Zentangle‘ is an easy-to-learn, relaxing and a fun way to design creative images by drawing structured patterns. Performing this art generates a ‘Self-Help Art Therapy’ that one can practice to calm their mind, boost their patience, learn to concentrate better and to become a problem-solver. 

Here’s a supercool DIY craft idea on how kids can use this form in making their unique art. The use of vibrant colors; geometrical shapes and different designs/objects shall bring a smile, happiness on their face; helping them learn a new creativity sitting safe at home.

Here’s a Step-by Step tutorial for beginners:


1.Cereal Box or a thin cardboard 

2.Aluminium Foil



5.String / Yarn thread

6. Glue


8.Sketch pens/ Permanent makers pen/ Colorful Highlighters

9. Cellotape


a. Cut the cereal box and get the desired size (rectangle).

b. Draw lines with a ruler to get a good zigzag pattern.

c. Apply the glue on each of the lines and stick the string / yarn carefully.

d. Once it dries up, keep an aluminium foil on the table and place the cardboard upside down.

e. Fold the foil to cover it completely and tighten it with a cellotape.

f. Turn it around and slowly press on the strings to create a depth.

g. Let kid color each block with different colored sketch pens/ highlighters (if younger kids) while older children can use permanent markers pens.

h. They can also explore different patterns by drawing geometrical shapes/ objects that they like.

Do try this art and share your picture in the comment section. 

Happy Parenting!

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