Want to be a calm Parent? – ‘A Healthy Mom to a Healthy Baby’

A Few ways on how you can set goals for yourself when you are a new mom and how ‘Me Time’ can help you to be positive, cool & motivated during this exciting phase.

The time just after a baby is born, parents are filled with countless emotions. Many women also struggle with Postpartum Depression where a mom may feel anything from happiness to anxiety to sadness. Few suffer from mood swings, difficulty to bond with the little one, sleep disruption, unmotivated to do things, weird thoughts may arise viz. Does my hubby still love me; Would I be accepted back to my professional life after a maternity break? And so on.

Well, isn’t it a challenging task for new mommies and especially during the lockdown situation where they are deprived of any helping hands?

‘Healthy mom means a healthy baby’. This means not only physically healthy, but mentally too. Being happy, plays a very important role as it makes a baby playful & grow better. But not that the scenario at every home is always good:) It’s a real test of patience for a parent where one is consoling a baby who is screaming in the middle of the night; feeding baby; changing diapers at the time when one is sleep deprived and has already done those acts just a while back.

So, how do you spend your time?  Is it through Exercise to get back into shape/ Maintaining a well-balanced diet /Read/Listen to Soothing Music/All mentioned?

Well, yes, these activities are significantly important for a new mommy to do on a daily basis, but tell me, ‘Do you give some time for yourself in exploring any form of ‘Art or Writing’? Taking time for yourself helps one to be a BETTER & CONFIDENT Mother. As it’s said that “becoming a new mom is not a competition or a race”. I can completely empathize with new mommies… you must be thinking,’ Is this possible…I don’t even realize when my day starts & ends). Although it might sound tricky, but worthy to try!

It’s said that, when mothers are undergoing changes in their bodies; indulging in any form of creative art or writing your thoughts helps them to relax; tackle problems boldly and have a better outlook in life.

I know someone (my friend, an Art teacher) – a mother to a pretty 4-year-old girl & a cute 2 month-old baby boy. When I visited her place (couple of weeks later) after delivery, I was amused to see her fresh & active. The room had a few beautiful artworks and her daughter was engrossed doing some engaging activities. This made me curious and I asked, – ‘ Nisha- How do you handle things so well? And thought to myself-‘ Having one kid, I sometimes drain out so quickly that I wish had got more time for self to explore my passion.’ 

She replied, “I try to keep myself occupied… it’s tough many a times, but I make it a point that I dedicate at least 45 mins to one hour to myself. I plan out & structure my day. Mostly, I keep myself engaged in activities like Doodling, Canvas Painting, Gardening, creating activities for my older kid and not to forget, I spend good time with my little one. I really enjoy that time as it gives me a sense of positivity & calmness to my mind. To keep my older child busy during this lockdown period, I keep all activities ready, a day prior so that my time doesn’t go waste thinking what to do next. Most importantly, I show enthusiasm and patience while teaching my kid and also involve her to help me little by little in household activities to make her a responsible kid.”

As we know, ‘Happiness of a Mother certainly makes a home joyful’ – But this will happen only when one is fit & cares about themselves too! I am sure there will be many talented & inspiring moms who are balancing their lives well during their motherhood. So, “What is it like being a ‘New Mom’? Experienced mothers do share your thoughts, ideas, tips for the new mommies or if you know someone, do tag her in the comment section. 

Let us all inspire each other & contribute our bit to make people happy & motivated in their life! #InspirationMum #HealthyMoms

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