‘Words of Encouragement’ to help build a positive outlook in children

Does your child know how much you love & care for them? It’s time to express yourselves…

Dealing with child’s emotions, tantrums & anger is quite tough & sometimes challenging. They have erratic mood swings…. the food, toys, clothes they like the previous day, kids won’t even touch them the very next day:)) 

Many a times, a parents role, in a day goes only in showering instructions to them; nagging & scolding -‘Beta, please don’t watch the screen; Keep things back in its place; Eat right & avoid junk food; Do not jump around; Sometimes even compare them to their friends or bribe them with a chocolate or a toy to make them do a task. So, mostly we tend to use words only to get a control over them.

We parents forget that as kids -they prefer listening to words that makes them feel good and worthy. Our super-fast life and hectic work makes our day-to-day routine with kids mundane & stressful at times. In anger, kids say out many things that they really don’t mean, but as a parent, it does hurts sometimes, am I right?

Lately, I have experienced this with my 4-year-old daughter. She is a very sweet, active and down to earth child…but when things don’t turn the way she wants, the scenario at home does get effect. Words like ‘You are not the best Mumma’; ‘I hate you’; ‘I will never ever talk to you’; ‘I am not your baby’’. Initially, when I heard- it really broke my heart, many a times tears rolled down my eyes, giving me a thought like, “Am I a good mother?”; “Am I doing best for my little one?” But then I made myself stronger and thought of not taking it seriously after all she’s my own child.

For every child, words of encouragement make a significant difference in their outlook. They require to be encouraged very often….  May be when they are performing a task; when they do any creative art or just a praise when they are doing something well. Words like thank you; sorry; can we; could you please – helps a kid to learn & adopt those words when they speak. As it’s said, kids learn faster what they see & hear around. 

When kids are motivated, they tend to be more optimistic; loving; calm and look forward in doing many things. They develop a positive impact on characteristics like- self- confidence; boosts imagination; communication; social skills and so on…

But I have also seen many parents over praising their child, which makes them think they are the best, whatever they do is perfect and they can’t get wrong in anything. Such thought of a young child, is not a good sign for later years and parents would find it difficult to make them understand. 

Hence, using the right words in encouraging them is important! Words that would inspire them viz:

  • If you are happy, we are happy
  • We trust & care for you
  • You were a real help today
  • Good to see that you are improving
  • Well done today, you can do better henceforth
  • If you believe in yourself, the sky is the limit!
  • Your parents are always with you
  • We are happy of what you achieved in school
  • Believe in yourself, and you can
  • Your opinions matter to us
  • You are valuable to us
  • You were good today, obedient & helpful and we really appreciate 
  • You are an independent & a responsible child, keep it up!

What are the words of encouragement you use to keep your kiddos motivated? Do share a few in our comment section.

Happy Parenting!



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