10 Creative ways parents can keep their kids occupied during quarantine time!



White tissue paper (preferably thick); Food Colors; Liquid Watercolors; Q-tips (Cotton Bud); Dropper


Kids love hunting things! This is the best childhood memory when asked to any grown- ups. The game helps getting some good exercise for both mind and body. An indoor scavenger hunt is a great way to add some excitement to the day. One way is to merge playtime with reading. So, what you have to do is:

-Select 3 story or any knowledge-based books and hide it around at any place at home. Give them a clue, e.g.- Hey, I have got an exciting game for us to play, are you thrilled to know what it is? There is something that is hiding and waiting for you to find it. Well it’s the place you keep your head and sleep on. Do you know what it is? When the child answers Pillow and finds it, the next step is to read aloud. If the child is small, an adult can read while the child listen’s and if the child is older enough to read then the other participants have to be the listeners.

-The hunt continues until every book has been found and read. Your kids will get moving and reading! 


Create board games at home. It’s the best leisure activity to play with family members or with their friend’s. Playing a board game serves the purpose of both education and entertainment. I had a lovely time with my kiddo creating our own board game -Snake & Ladder. The theme of the game was ‘Quick Bites’, basically to fasten-up her evening snack time!

Requirements: A carboard/ empty box any cereal, Marker pens, Color pencils, Play dough, Paper to create a flag, Toothpick, UNO cards

To play-

-Your child could select his/her favorite character for the game. Here instead of a dice, let the child pick a number card which will be easy for them to recognize it and move their characters forward. At every hurdle, pops up a task to perform.

-Considering what you want your child to eat for evening snacks, the task can be planned as per the child’s liking & preference. E.g.- While playing with my kid, we had the following food items (hurdles) displayed on the board – ‘Eat a cheese cube; Have a glass of milk, 1 oats Ladoo; Have pieces of banana; Carrot Dhokla; Date & Nut Ladoo’. What was noticed is that she enjoyed eating as well as playing the game.

-You could re-use the board to keep different themes whenever you wish to play, likewise the tasks could be ‘Sing a nursery rhyme; Count numerical; Ask a riddle, Spell a word’ , Stomp like an elephant and so on.

-The winner will be whoever completes the task and reaches the end destination.


Supplies-White paper; Pencil; Salt; Fevicol; Dropper; Liquid Watercolors

  • Quizzes help kids improve their language skills in a fun way. What you require is- A box filled with sand and 20 items including toy animals, plastic fruits, alphabets, toy transportation and so on.
  • Let’s play- Sand is a great sensory toy for kids and encourages imaginative play. Kids have to dig-up the sand and pick each item one by one. If the child picks a horse, an adult will ask a question related to it, likewise what is the young one of a horse called? Answer – Colt; if an aeroplane toy is picked the question could be Aeroplane starts with which letter/alphabet? Answer; if a car has been picked -how many wheels does a car have? Accordingly, the questions can be made tougher basis age of a child.


Grab an empty jar and some torn blank papers. On each piece of paper, write a random word which could be anything such as rabbit, carrot, windmill, rain or waterfall. Put all the pieces of paper inside the jar. Then ask your child to pick out any 5 pieces of paper out of 15 kept in the jar. Whichever words appear in those papers, either an adult can build-up a story if the child is small or the child can attempt to tell a story out of those words and if gets stuck, adults can help in. This activity will help kids to become creative, confident and competent learners.


Art Supplies- Sketch/ Drawing Book, Pencils, Eraser, Felt- Tip pen, Markers, Highlighter, Pencil Crayons, Paint, Ballpoint pen


Step 1: You can ask kids to first list down the objects/elements they would like to draw. This will enable them to #think; make #decisions and express #emotions.

Step 2: For younger kids, parents can create the #doodleart & they can color it. Or if children are old enough…ask them to choose one spot on the paper and start drawing doodles with pencils (beginners can refer objects from google images). One can doodle – flowers, planets, nature, animals, name, city, landscape, silly faces, doodle whatever they see around. The same doodle can even be repeated multiple times as the point of doing this activity is to relax & enjoy. Stencils can be used to draw shapes and fill patterns. Gaps can then be filled with dots, crosses, dashes, hearts whatever they like. With time & practise, kids will slowly invent their own filler patterns.

Step 3: Once the paper is filled with doodles…children can give it a good outline with a black marker pen. Lastly, kids can do what they like the most…coloring & filling it up to make the doodle art look attractive.

Step 4: Click a picture of the doodle art or you can also frame your work!


Here’s a quick and easy recipe for kids (beginners) to try….that they will want to help you out!


5-6 Britannia NutriChoice biscuits, 3-4 Bourbon biscuits, 4-5 Oreo biscuits, 3-4 Walnuts,1tsp Baking powder, 1/2 cup Powdered sugar

1 cup Milk White Chocolate chips, Gems


Step 1-

Kids to break the biscuits and walnuts roughly, into a bowl. Parents do help them blend that mixture in a grinder. 

Step 2-

Let the Kiddos then add powdered sugar and baking powder in it. Add/ Pour milk little by little, mix well to make it a thick consistency.

Step 3-
Kids will enjoy this process the most- Grease the cupcake pan with butter and dust little maida (incase pouring it directly or can use cupcake paper liners). Fill them with the batter until 3/4th. Garnish with chocolate chips & gems. Preheat your oven at 180 degrees Celsius. Bake for about 15-20 mins. Let them cool before serving it to kids. 


Tangrams have educational benefits. They may help kids learn geometric terms, and develop stronger problem-solving abilities. Kids can make various forms using different shapes viz. train, truck, Christmas tree, clown, animals and so on.


Requirements: -a plain drawing book or any colored paper, pencil, glue stick, scissors, crayons, maker pen, paint, decorating items-googly eyes, transparent nail paint & popsicles

Instructions: –

-Take the paper and cut it square (cut the excess to get the required size)

-Fold the paper diagonally half to make a triangle

-Turn the paper upright so that the pointy sharp edge points upwards

-Fold one of the pointy ends (facing us) towards the top

– Then the other

-Tuck-in both the corners inside 

-Color/Decorate / shape/add cut-out as desired

For giving it a shiny look, I applied a transparent nail paint (True color -nail luster) over it. You can also stick them over a popsicle for the kid to hold and store it well


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