Conscious Parenting leads to Happy kids!

Recently I visited my native place, my daughter had a gala time playing with her great grandfather, my uncle, aunts and my cousin. She bonded so well with my cousin that she wanted her for every little thing. My cousin was amused to see my daughter’s active actions- jumping, messing around, talking loudly to seek attention that not a single second she saw her rest; apart from her sleep hours at night. My cousin sister who is currently in her second year of engineering happened to ask me, “Isn’t parenting a difficult task?” Actually, I didn’t want to spoil her perception 😊 hence said ‘No’ and she asked me back -Are you sure? It made me laugh.

When I was expecting my baby, had heard many undesirable predictions about parenting. … lack of sleep, managing temper tantrums, sacrificing your likings and interest, house arrest till the time baby turns a year old and so on.

It is very important to have your own perspective on parenting. One needs to know the preventive measures to be taken for making this process more enjoyable and practicable. No matter how many sleepless nights you endure, no matter how unruly your toddler is today- Children are blessings! It all depends on your mindset and how easy or difficult you make things for yourself. Parenting is challenging at times, but more than that it is absolutely rewarding with the thought that you have created or given birth to a new life and now you are in the process of molding your child to be a healthy, safe and a responsible person as they grow.

Parenting experts and researchers on brain development confirm that ‘One of the best way to start parenting more effectively, is to foster emotional connection and empathize with your child. With effective communication, listening and problem solving skills you can positively influence rather than control them.’ 

Also, today’s kids and teenagers are quite anxious. Their irritating and frustrating acts may sometime lead us to scold them, creating bad memories unknowingly for lifetime. It is said that- As a child what we experience eventually witness the same as we grow…. especially when we have kids- we tend to implement the same parenting principles based on our childhood experiences.

So, what is Conscious Parenting? The term symbolizes that it’s not a set of rules for parents to follow, but a set of beliefs about what children need to develop and thrive. By adopting ‘Conscious Parenting’ principle, it teaches us new ways of thinking & perceiving. It helps us to manage our emotions; accept them as he/she is and not over impose with unreasonable expectations which compels a child to fulfil them. It builds a win-win situation for both parents and kids while providing mental and emotional space for them to grow. We need to help kids develop habits that can lead them to be responsible leaders and learners. It’s said- parents sometimes require to undertake reverse actions…. Instead of showing discomfort and worry on the situation they are going through, one can support their kids by discussing the ways to manage their anxiety and in due course help them handle it accurately.

What does parenting mean to you? What strategies do you practice to manage your moods, minimize stress, increase your energy level? How do you inspire your child to be a better person?

Here are a few parenting tips for achieving contentment in a parent-child relationship: –

1)Mindful discussions /Interaction

The more we talk to kids; they tend to be a good listener and interactive. It boosts them to think deeper and wider. They improve understanding and freely express their emotions. Mindful children grow to be mindful teenagers, mindful adolescents and mindful adults.

 Inculcating mindful discussion, helps a child / adolescent to-

  • Decrease feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Develop empathy
  • Reduce aggression
  • Improves sleep

2) Build a relationship based on love and trust

This will help them to connect with you easily.

3) Encourage kids to express themselves

It will cheer them to learn faster and better.

4) Avoid emphasizing on their mistakes

Let it go and try to explain them when they are in the right frame of listening. 

5) Talk to them like you are talking to an adult

They like being addressed as grown-ups; so talk to them on routine activities… how did you spend your day at work, how was your travel back home, whom did you meet, their day-to-day activities and so on. Kids learn and grasp easily, this will help them form words and talk confidently.

6) Create a happy environment around them

It will help them feel secure, involved and valued.

7) Be empathetic to them

They will listen better to your  guidance.

8) Appreciate after they successfully complete a task

This will allow them to experiment with new ways of learning.

9) Always motivate them

It will help them to cultivate their likings/interest and not fear failure.

10) Explain the importance of eating right & healthy

By cultivating this thought at a young age, kids tend to be bright, fresh and active for a longer time.

11) Don’t keep unrealistic expectations from kids

Considering kids’ capabilities let them explore what they want to take up in life- parent’s advise will help them to dodge mistakes if they are likely to do while taking decisions. By doing so, it will help them overcome any undue pressure or low feeling.

12) Let them be Independent Learners

They like to explore in their own way. This is an exercise that parents can do to persuade kids to get involved in any activity right from a young age. Motivating kids to become independent learners has proven to be impactful and helps in accelerating their development from the right age.

13) Set their everyday routine at the start of the week

This will allow them to be engaged in innovative activities, spend a considerable time in learning something new and ultimately lead them to be better learners.

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