‘Corner Bookmarks’ ROCK; encourages kids to read!

Recently my kiddo came across bookmark corners at a school exhibition and wanted me to create one for her. As I started making it, I got so engrossed into it that we made not just one but many!

We sat down and had a lovely evening crafting up cute lil corner bookmarks. We made various themes- bright & colourful based on my daughter’s liking. Animal themes like-elephant, zebra, giraffe, cat, lion, hippopotamus and penguin. Other favourite food items such as cake, donuts and ice-cream.

Bookmark craft is a fun and easy paper activity to make with kids. It helps them develop fine motor skills and boosts creative thinking. It’s an inexpensive thing that a parent can make for their children or along with them. Most importantly, indulging in this activity helps kid to be calm and positive.

I found this activity to be very useful as it encourages their reading skills as well in early years. My baby loved using the bookmarks so much that every time she was done with her reading, coloring or story-telling activity; she looked forward for the next day to complete the remaining activities. Corner bookmarks had become her perfect buddies!

We both just enjoyed creating it… even elders at home were amused and used it often to return back to their reading page with ease.


  • a plain drawing book or any coloured paper
  • pencil
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • crayons, maker pen, paint
  • decorating items-googly eyes, glitters, strings etc
  • transparent nail paint
  • popsicles

Instructions: –

Take a paper and make it square (cut it accordingly ,to get the required size)

Fold the paper diagonally half to make a triangle

Turn the paper upright so that the pointy sharp edge points upwards

Fold one of the pointy ends (facing us) at the top

Then the other

Tuck both the corners inside 

Final step- Colour/Decorate / shape/add cut-outs as desired

For giving it a shiny look, I applied a transparent nail paint (True colour -nail luster) over it. You can also stick them over a popsicle for the kid to hold and store it well

So, grab papers and try crafting some creative handmade bookmarks, I am sure everyone is going to love different themes and use it to come back to their reading page.

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